Shadow Minister for Small Business

shadow minister

The Shadow Minister for Small Business attended this month’s meeting. Toby Perkins MP came along to listen to issues and concerns that local businesses have. It was good to see him take all the questions and opinions on board. There were great interactions and discussions going on in the room.

It was a very busy networking meeting attended by 40 local businesses. There was a great buzz in the room and it was good to see new businesses coming along. We are going to need a larger room soon!

There were lots of discussions about working with and supporting local businesses. It is important that, whenever possible, businesses develop contacts with other businesses in the area. Keeping trade local cuts costs and reduces their carbon footprint. It is also nice to know the people behind the business or product and means you have a closer connection than if buying something online.

Join us

If you are a new or existing business and want to attend a free networking group, please do come along and say hello. Our meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday every month at The Learning Shop (The Old Post Office) in Grays and doors open at 8.00am.